Special Offer: Astra Platinum Blades for only €3.99.

How can one benefit from the special offer on Astra Platinum? The promotion is exclusively for our partners interested in adding the distinctive products of the The Goodfellas’ smile brand to their catalog. The Goodfellas’ smile products are divided into three main categories:

Beard Care
Body and Hair Care

By purchasing The Goodfellas’ smile products worth more than €1500 excluding VAT, our staff will send you a discount code to purchase the Astra Platinum for €3.99 excluding VAT on your next order.

Is the promotion valid when adding any Goodfellas’ smile product to the cart?
Yes. You just need to exceed the minimum threshold for activating the promotion, set at €1500.

Does my order have to include only The Goodfellas’ smile branded products?
No, but products from other brands will not be counted towards meeting the threshold set by the promotion.

What’s the maximum quantity of Astra packs I can order?
With each individual order containing at least €1500 of The Goodfellas’ smile branded products, you can purchase up to 30 cartons of Astra Platinum razor blades, corresponding to 3,000 packs of 100 razor blades (a full pallet).

Can I place multiple orders to purchase a larger quantity of Astra?

Is it possible to take advantage of the Astra Platinum offer without purchasing The Goodfellas’ smile products?
No. This promotion is strictly linked to the purchase of The Goodfellas’ smile branded items.

How long will this promotion be active?
The offer will remain valid until stocks run out.

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