Barbieri Uniti Srl

Leading European company in the production and distribution of products dedicated to grooming and male well-being.

Founded in 2010 as “The Goodfellas’ Smile”, its aim is to bring traditional shaving back into vogue in Italy and Europe by offering customers tools and gestures that have become obsolete in a new and appealing modern interpretation, both in terms of products and marketing strategies.

Over the course of a few years, The Goodfellas’ Smile has developed its own products and forged distribution agreements with various manufacturers in the sector and with increasingly important brands, stocking them and making them available to all shops and wholesalers in just a few clicks, at consistent prices and with 24-hour shipping.

In 2015, the amount of brands interested in cooperating with us and the constant growth of The Goodfellas’ smile brand itself, led to the birth of Barbieri Uniti Srl, which incorporates both the Goodfellas’ Smile brand and all the partnerships gathered up to that moment.

The impressive amount of brands and selected products dedicated to grooming made available to the local and international market by Barbieri Uniti through traditional and online shops that cooperate with us, have allowed more and more people to approach and be involved in this passion, thanks to the ease of finding products and prices always in line with their expectations.

In just a few years, the Grooming sector has grown exponentially in Italy and Europe, thanks also to the work of Barbieri Uniti srl.

Today, Barbieri Uniti is the only real point of reference for all European shops that want to sell products dedicated to traditional shaving and Grooming in general, with the guarantee of always having the best products thanks to the expertise of those who have seen the birth and growth of this sector considered marginal until a few years ago.

Today, Barbieri Uniti boasts a team of 12 people who are constantly engaged in the creation of content, the creation of products, the distribution of brands and the dispatch of orders, and they do this with more passion than ever!

Nicola Donghi

Barbieri Uniti srl